Changing Your Name Back After a Divorce

How to Change a Name Back After a Divorce

As someone whose marriage recently ended, you may have searched online using the term  “How to change my name back after a divorce,” only to find the answers to be more confusing than they were helpful. This post will reveal how to quickly and easily revert to your maiden name following divorce.

How Many Options Are There to Change Your Name?

There are three ways that a person can change back to their maiden name after a divorce:

  • Request the change during divorce proceedings.
  • Amend the divorce decree.
  • File a name change petition.

Although all three ways are legal and perfectly acceptable, you may wish to take a more independent and quicker route to change your name. Where this is the case, a name change petition can be the ideal option.

What Is a Name Change Petition?

A name change petition is a formal request to change your name. You obtain and complete forms, sign them, and then file them with your court clerk.

What Information Do You Need for the Name Change Petition?

In order to fill out the form correctly and completely, you will need a few pieces of information. In the case of how to change your name back after divorce, you will need your:

  • Final divorce decree
  • Birth certificate
  • A driver’s license or social security card

Depending on from which state you’re making the request, you may have to complete other steps, such as obtaining a court order and placing a notice in your local paper. Some states require that you appear before a local court to finalize the name change.

It’s always a good idea to check with your state’s laws to ensure you’re taking the required steps to change your name successfully.

Do You Have to Wait Until Your Divorce Is Finalized?

No; you can request to have the provision for a return to your maiden name included as part of the divorce decree before it has been finalized. In fact, many people make a name change request while they’re still married or only separated.

Is the Name Change Process Confusing?

The process to return to your maiden name can be confusing if you’ve never gone through it before or if there are a lot of steps. As well, you want to ensure that you’ve included all of the required information; otherwise, your approval may take longer to process.

Ways to Get Help Filing a Name Change

One way to ensure you’ve included all of the information is to have someone confirm this for you.

Ask a Friend

While a friend may be able to do this, they may not have sufficient knowledge about the process to ensure you’re providing what you should be.

Hire a Lawyer

A lawyer can also help you ensure all required information is included, but this may not be a convenient option for you.

Find an Expert

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