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Arizona Certificate of Good Standing

It can be a very time-consuming task for business owners to apply for and keep track of all the documents they’re supposed to have in their files for various legal reasons. That’s why a lot of Arizona business owners are confused about the purpose of a certificate of good standing. What is it? When do you need one? When does it expire? Sometimes even these simple questions can lead people into a tangle of confusion. 

A certificate of good standing is just a document that says that your business is in compliance with all important legal requirements, such as filing of annual reports, in the state where your business is registered. Every state has some version of this document, although it sometimes goes by other names, such as certificate of existence or certificate of authorization. Arizona officially calls it a Certificate of Good Standing, and that is the name that will be used in this article.

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Arizona Certificate of Good Standing

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What Is a Certificate of Good Standing in Arizona?

In this state, a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) is issued by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The certificate typically contains several key pieces of information relating to a particular business: its date of organization in the state, its type of business structure (e.g., LLC), and its status as a legally operating organization in compliance with state law as of the date on the certificate. At the bottom is the signature of the Executive Director and the official Seal of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

A Certificate of Good Standing in Arizona can be used to verify your business’ legal status. This can be useful in conducting business transactions with a third-party organization, as these documents are often requested for legal verification purposes.  

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How Do I Get a Certificate of Good Standing in Arizona?

A Certificate of Good Standing can be ordered directly from the Arizona Corporation Commission—but it’s easier to use FastFilings to request this kind of business document. We have an online ordering platform that will walk you through the process and prompt you to input all necessary information. It’s a really quick, convenient way to order a Certificate of Good Standing

You can order an Arizona Certificate of Good Standing if your organization falls into one of the following business structures:

  • Corporation
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Non-profit corporation

What if you have a partnership? Examples of these include limited partnerships (LPs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and limited liability limited partnerships (LLLPs). In these cases, the organization is registered with the Arizona Secretary of State, which issues an official Certificate of Existence—which is legally very similar to a Certificate of Good Standingfor these types of businesses. 

Do You Really Need a Certificate of Good Standing?

You do not need an Arizona Certificate of Good Standing in order to form a business entity in the state. There are, however, certain situations where you may be expected to present a valid Arizona Certificate of Good Standing for examination. These occasions include:

  • Applying for a business loan
  • Applying for a payment processing account 
  • Renewing certain business licenses  
  • Establishing a line of business credit  
  • Buying business insurance   
  • Securing investment funding
  • Selling or legally transferring your business to other entity
  • Expanding business operations into another state

In these cases, an Arizona Certificate of Good Standing can be used to prove your compliance with state law. Be aware that it’s common for third parties to request a current Certificate of Good Standing—one that has been issued within the last 60 or 90 days, for instance. 

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How to Make Sure Your Arizona Business Is Compliant

To get an Arizona Certificate of Good Standing, it’s important to keep your business in compliance with all filing requirements. This includes filing annual reports in a timely manner—failure to do this is one of the most common causes of non-compliance. If your business has been administratively dissolved for failure to meet statutory requirements, you may be able to apply for reinstatement. These issues should be addressed before you request your Arizona Certificate of Good Standing

How FastFilings Can Help with Your Arizona Certificate of Good Standing

Not everyone wants to deal with government websites and figuring out how to do what. With FastFilings, you don’t have to do that. We’ll walk you through the ordering process in our easy-to-navigate ordering system. The relevant documents will be delivered to you ASAP.  

To begin the process of ordering your Arizona Certificate of Good Standing, be ready to provide your business data, including the exact (legal) name of your business entity.

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